About me



                                                                 About me  


I am Agostina Minini: a sworn English<>Spanish translator from Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, in the Province of Mendoza, Argentina. Last semester, I was currently participating in an exchange program at Dickinson College and working as an Overseas Student Assistant in the Spanish Department.


Something other than About Me

Nothing brings me more pleasure than writing and sharing about cultures and the profession I love the most, translation.

The purpose of this blog is to write a meaningful story about topics I consider important as a junior translator and add my perspective. I want to add my ideas about translation ethics, language interference in translations, culture immersion and translation. I believe other juniors and freelance translators, as well as seniors will identify with some of the topics addressed in my blog. Feel free to comment on what you consider noteworthy and if you want to provide your perspective you are more than welcome.

How I got started

I always read translation forums such as “proz”, and so I wanted to create a blog in which I could share not only professional thoughts, but also my experiences. Now that I am living in a culture very different from my own, I find blogging compelling. I am embracing my new encounters with the American culture, while looking at it with curious eyes. It is different to study a culture and to assimilate into it and reflect about it. Like Spanish speakers would say: Mi casa es tu casa ( my house is yur house). You are welcome in my house, my blog. Open the door, the coffee is ready and it is getting cold.



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